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Obscure road rules catching out Australian drivers
16 Jul

Obscure road rules catching out Australian drivers

We’d all like to think road safety messages have started to sink in for Australian drivers. The majority follow the rules by sticking to the speed limit, obeying traffic signs and ignoring phones and other hand-held devices while behind the wheel.

Cyber liability insurance
9 Jul

Australia: Cyber liability insurance - Insuring the intangible

Australian businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on digital technologies. At the same time, cyber crime is booming, costing the Australian economy an estimated $4,500,000,000 annually (yes, that's billion with a B).

SMBs cyber insurance
6 Jul

Why you should examine cyber insurance cashflow benefits for SMBs

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are the commercial entities most impacted by data breaches but also the group most tricky to persuade about the benefits of cyber insurance.

Organisations' cyber risk
4 Jul

How to make organisations more cyber resilient

To be more cyber resilient, organisations not only need to have the ability to assess cyber risk and have a protection plan, they must also be able to quickly – and successfully – recover and respond in the event of a cyber incident.

Improper use of heaters
2 Jul

Cold snap prompts heater warnings

Improper use of heaters can have devastating consequences for Australians.

The Victorian Government has banned two particular models of open-flue gas heaters following the death of a Melbourne woman due to carbon monoxide

data security incident
29 Jun

Cyber breach impacts one of the world’s biggest ticket resellers

Another major firm has made it known that its customers’ personal information may have been compromised due to a data security incident involving a third-party supplier.

insurance claims from Hobart’s catastrophic storms
27 Jun

Damage bill soars past $100M in Tasmania after catastrophic storm

A RUSH of insurance claims from Hobart’s catastrophic storms has pushed the damage bill above $100 million. 

Cyber security Australia
25 Jun

Why Australian businesses should add cybersecurity to the end of financial year checklist

Australian organisations should be looking at their ICT security as part of their planning process for the new financial year - and making sure they have adequate ICT security measures in place for networks, data and devices for the next 12 months and beyond.

cyberattack risks Australia
21 Jun

Are firms failing to learn from cyber mistakes?

Brokers looking to help their corporate clients reduce the risk of a cyberattack may want to focus on the importance of hindsight after a recent study showed many business leaders feel they could be better at learning from past mistakes.


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